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 “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” – Ansel Adams

Got me a homemade camera strap as a gift. It’s made of military paracord / parachute cord. So I guess it should be strong enough to deal with my Fuji X-E2.
I also have several paracord bracelets including one with a small compass. Like them a lot and use them everyday.
460-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5DMaybe the camera strap is too big for everyday use on this lightweight camera but I am going to use it for some weeks. So far I like it a lot. If I think it’s too big I will put it on my Canon 5D for sure.

452-volvo-pv-duett-wallpaper-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5D453-chevrolet-belair-wallpaper-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5D454-chevrolet-belair-wallpaper-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5D455-Schaefer-volvo-pv-duett-wallpaper-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5D456-fordson-classic-tractor-wallpaper-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5D457-chevrolet-bel-air-wallpaper-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5DMay 24. Do not usually post HD wallpaper size on my blog but these show off the quality of Zeiss lenses so maybe some Chevrolet / belair / Volvo Duett / PV / fordson / tractor / car fans would like to wallpaper them. Fullsize is 1920 x 1280.

451small-sign-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5DMay 22. The picture above was shot in my small home studio some years ago. Carl Zeiss 85mm lens and Canon 5D.
May 21. Have done a complete backup of all my digital pictures since 2001 ( the year I got my first digital camera – was still also shooting film back then ). So I’m posting some random shots looking through them. I dont use Lightroom anymore. After Canon DPP have grown so good I feel I get better result with DPP and Photoshop. That have become my prefered way to work anyway. So my backup is just organized RAW&JPG files. No database. One folder for every year and every month in the year folder. Easy and rock solid way that works great for me. One of the backup disks is kept safe out of my house. Feels nice to be on track with a complete backup.

449-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5DTwo old pictures shot with Canon 20D. First one with new photoshop edit. The Canon 20D I had before was bought secondhand from a pro. It had battlescars and scratches. Had gone 100.000 + clicks on the shutter when I bought it. Anyway I used it for three years, in hot summers, snowstorms and cold Norwegian winters. Never failed once.

450-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5DThis one was shot a couple of years ago with my Carl Zeiss 35mm 2/35 t* Distagon ZE lens on a Canon 5D. The images shot with the Zeiss lens shines when converted to black and white. Same thing with the images from the Zeiss Makro-Planar lenses.

I usually do not recommend movies. But this is so good that I thought to do one exception.. 1,000 Times Good Night from 2014. Had never seen this movie before today. Absolutely a good movie well worth to watch.

From Wikipedia, plot : Rebecca (Binoche) is a photo journalist obsessed with reporting in dangerous war zones. She documents a group of female suicide bombers in Afghanistan. She accompanies one of the suicide bombers to Kabul, where the premature detonation of the bomb severely injures her. While recuperating at her home in Ireland, she is confronted by her husband Marcus (Coster-Waldau) and her daughter Steph (Lauryn Canny), who force her to choose between covering war zones, or her family. She chooses her family.
Steph is intrigued by her mother’s photographs and interested in humanitarian work in Africa, so Rebecca proposes a photography trip with her daughter to a refugee camp in Kenya.

Fuji-X-E2--00001-Ulf-GregerMay 16. Finally had some time to test my new camera. The Fujifilm X-E2 with the XF35mmF1.4 R lens. Have been a huge fan of Fujifilm forever. So of course I love it.

Exif is included as text in every picture and all are from RAW files. Had to download Adobe DNG converter to convert the RAF/RAW to DNG, but that was free and no hassle at all.
Fuji-X-E2--00003-Ulf-GregerThis 100-400 L Canon lens is borrowed from a friend. This actual lens have been in Africa twice. A good lens.


This was my last pictures taken with my Ricoh GR. The Ricoh GR has been a good quality street camera. This was my fifth GR including my film GR. I know the Fuji will be good too.

All pictures is Copyright © Ulf Greger.