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Photographer Anne Margrete Lie at Brattestø, Asmaløy. Hvaler.

Some random photos from Fredrikstad, Kråkerøy, Asmaly, Vesterøy and Kirkøy. 

Post started in 2015 – just posting random autumn photos here.


Shot this with my Carl Zeiss 35mm in 2014. Brattestø, Asmaløy – Hvaler.
Shot from near Puttesund bridge, Hvaler.
Snowsparrow ? In Norwegian this is called a ‘Snøspurv’ i think. Not often I have seen these. Always fun to get a photo of them.
This is shot late night at Vesterøy, Hvaler
From Kirkøy, Hvaler. 2020


Frost. First cold night this year. This was shot in my garden.

The new Kråkerøy bridge in the fog, 2015.

The dog Scot. Old town Fredrikstad 2015
The cat Chance, visit at my old house, Hvaler

My neibour’s cat. This was shot winter 2022.
From Fredrikstad 2016

Icey and cold chairs made of concrete.

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