8 comments on “April 2014

  1. Zeiss need to make more autofocus lenses with more f stops. Like a zeiss50 f 1.0 A.F for canon. anyway want a macro planar 100 and distagon 35.

  2. Thanks for your Distagon 35 f 2.0 review!! I bought a Canon 5D mark II with Zeiss distagon t*35 2.0. I’ve been getting stunning results from it. See you still use yours !!

  3. Have to use and write about the cameras and lenses I got. And try to make the best out of them…
    Can’t afford newest lenses and cameras to test. Also trying to buy used and the BEST there is to get given what’s in my wallet. I never buy on credit.

    Stay happy and shoot with whatever you got man 🙂

  4. Boring with old Fuji X100 stuff. Bring on something new. Not this old crap !

  5. Love your images from Norway, your photography is exquisite . You must make Carl Zeiss proud. Sláinte!

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