I love walking by the sea with my camera. It’s quiet. Some seagulls and other birds randomly break the silence.

I will post photos and videos from both Kenya and Norway 2024.

In this post i will post some videos from my walks. This is a work in progress and i will use some months on the videos i will be posting here.

My camera of on these walks are mostly Fujifilm X-Pro 1 or Canon 5D camera wih one prime lens. 35mm or 50mm. Only things i usually take with me is a lightweight joby tripod and a spare battery.

This photo was taken on a sailboat. I was drinking my coffee and this dog wanted my attention.
This photo is from a warm July day 2021. It’s slightly out of focus but a keeper anyway as it makes me remember this wonderful day.
I love to be by the sea at windy days. I’m thankful for this is just a short walk from my house.

All pictures is Copyright © Ulf Greger.