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 “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” – Ansel Adams

May 30.
Fuji-X-E2-00008-Ulf-GregerMay 30 heavy rain, Hvaler, Norway.
Fuji-X-E2-00009-Ulf-GregerFrom a shopping trip to Stromstad, Sweden yesterday.

May 28.
Got me a homemade camera strap as a gift. It’s made of military paracord / parachute cord. So I guess it should be strong enough to deal with my Fuji X-E2.
I also have several paracord bracelets including one with a small compass. Like them a lot and use them everyday.
460-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5DMaybe the camera strap is too big for everyday use on this lightweight camera but I am going to use it for some weeks. So far I like it a lot. If I think it’s too big I will put it on my Canon 5D for sure.

Japan Camera Hunter is now on youtube. Love the JCH website so I have high hopes for this channel.



452-volvo-pv-duett-wallpaper-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5D453-chevrolet-belair-wallpaper-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5D454-chevrolet-belair-wallpaper-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5D455-Schaefer-volvo-pv-duett-wallpaper-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5D456-fordson-classic-tractor-wallpaper-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5D457-chevrolet-bel-air-wallpaper-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5DMay 24. Do not usually post HD wallpaper size on my blog but these show off the quality of Zeiss lenses so maybe some Chevrolet / belair / Volvo Duett / PV / fordson / tractor / car fans would like to wallpaper them. Fullsize is 1920 x 1280.


451small-sign-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5DMay 22. The picture above was shot in my small home studio some years ago. Carl Zeiss 85mm lens and Canon 5D.
May 21. Have done a complete backup of all my digital pictures since 2001 ( the year I got my first digital camera – was still also shooting film back then ). So I’m posting some random shots looking through them. I dont use Lightroom anymore. After Canon DPP have grown so good I feel I get better result with DPP and Photoshop. That have become my prefered way to work anyway. So my backup is just organized RAW&JPG files. No database. One folder for every year and every month in the year folder. Easy and rock solid way that works great for me. One of the backup disks is kept safe out of my house. Feels nice to be on track with a complete backup.


448-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5D449-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5DTwo old pictures shot with Canon 20D. First one with new photoshop edit. The Canon 20D I had before was bought secondhand from a pro. It had battlescars and scratches. Had gone 100.000 + clicks on the shutter when I bought it. Anyway I used it for three years, in hot summers, snowstorms and cold Norwegian winters. Never failed once.


450-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5DThis one was shot a couple of years ago with my Carl Zeiss 35mm 2/35 t* Distagon ZE lens on a Canon 5D. The images shot with the Zeiss lens shines when converted to black and white. Same thing with the images from the Zeiss Makro-Planar lenses.


I usually do not recommend movies. But this is so good that I thought to do one exception.. 1,000 Times Good Night from 2014. Had never seen this movie before today. Absolutely a good movie well worth to watch.

From Wikipedia, plot : Rebecca (Binoche) is a photo journalist obsessed with reporting in dangerous war zones. She documents a group of female suicide bombers in Afghanistan. She accompanies one of the suicide bombers to Kabul, where the premature detonation of the bomb severely injures her. While recuperating at her home in Ireland, she is confronted by her husband Marcus (Coster-Waldau) and her daughter Steph (Lauryn Canny), who force her to choose between covering war zones, or her family. She chooses her family.
Steph is intrigued by her mother’s photographs and interested in humanitarian work in Africa, so Rebecca proposes a photography trip with her daughter to a refugee camp in Kenya.

Fuji-X-E2--00001-Ulf-GregerMay 16. Finally had some time to test my new camera. The Fujifilm X-E2 with the XF35mmF1.4 R lens. Have been a huge fan of Fujifilm forever. So of course I love it.

I think this is even better than my old Fujifilm X100. Have done some boring shots at my kitchen table. No flash was used in any of these shots.

Exif is included as text in every picture and all are from RAW files. Had to download Adobe DNG converter to convert the RAF/RAW to DNG, but that was free and no hassle at all.
Fuji-X-E2--00003-Ulf-GregerThis 100-400 L Canon lens is borrowed from a friend. This actual lens have been in Africa twice. A good and expensive lens.

Having also tested the X-E2 with video and it’s far better than X100 ( classic ). Love everything about this Fuji so far. The jpg’s are awesome.
Fuji-X-E2--00004-Ulf-GregerThis is my best lens ever for Canon, my Zeiss Distagon 2/35 ZE. Resting on my laptop PC running Linux.

Boring pictures but fun to show the off the good colors and sharpness of this Fuji. Both camera and lens is AWESOME. Hope to get to use it more and I’m going to use it at a portrait shoot some time soon. My Canon gear is also going to be used that day of course. So maybe I’ll do some comparison with the Fuji setup VS Canon /Zeiss setup.


440-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5DMay 9. Street photos from Oslo – all three with Canon 5D and Zeiss 35mm.

442-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5D441-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5DMay 8. My X-E2.


ulf-greger-photoshped-vMay 5. Old shots. Ricoh GR digital 1. Last one with new photoshop edit.

May 1 , soon there will be summer here in Norway. I’m trading street cameras…again, never satisfied. Last month, I sold my Fuji X100 and a few days ago I bought a Fuji XE2 and a Fuji 35mm 1.4 .

Ricoh-GR-00009-Ulf-Greger Ricoh-GR-00010-Ulf-GregerRicoh-GR-00011-Ulf-Greger Ricoh-GR-00012-Ulf-Greger
Ricoh-GR-00018-Ulf-GregerPlaying around with some double exposures from the GR. Originals looks like this :
R0004394small R0004415small and final image :
Ricoh-GR-00015-Ulf-GregerThis was my last pictures taken with my Ricoh GR. The Ricoh GR has been a good quality street camera. This was my fifth GR including my film GR. I know the Fuji will be good too.


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Have sold my Fuji X20 and bought a Ricoh GR ( Digital mk V 2013 APS-C ) . So here is a small review based on what I think about the new Ricoh GR as a street photography camera.


Always been a huge fan of the RICOH GR cameras, all the way back to the film based GR1. Also had the Ricoh GR D mk 1 but skipped II -IV because I think they all where minor upgrades from the GR mk 1.

The new APS-C sensor in the new Ricoh GR ( “V” ) gives great ISO handling and image quality.  Where the old Ricoh GR Digital’s mk I-IV featured a 1/1.7-inch sensor the new GR features a DSLR-sized APS-C . The sensor also lacks an anti-aliasing filter ( just like the new Leica M and M9 ) which means it’s more likely to produce a much higher level of detail.

0062-Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2013Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 )

0059-Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2013Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 )

0055-Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2013Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 )

0054-Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2013Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 )

0056-Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2013Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 )

0057-Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2013Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 )

0045-Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2013Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 )

0051-Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2013Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 )

For more Ricoh GR street photos click here.

Impressive shot to shot times, great RAW files with a good level of sharpness throughout the frame. Impressive AF. Built tough like military equipment almost.  And yes it looks like Pentax / Ricoh has a winner here.

Short story is that you get the same good build quality as always from the GR series , amazing image quality and by far the fastest autofocus I have ever seen on any compact.

I also tested Nikon Coolpix A. Great camera but at autofocus – the Ricoh is a hands down winner. Only Ricoh has the snap focus option that works just great.  Image quality pretty the same as the more expensive Nikon.

0050-Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2013Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 ). Macro test.

0052-Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2013Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 )

0053-Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2013Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 )

Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 )

0043-Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2013Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 )

0049-Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2013Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 )

Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 ) . Love the colors the Ricoh GR gives you.

Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 )

Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 )

0031_Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2014Ricoh GR. I’m always getting some out of focus shot during a day. 99.9% of those are caused by the photographer ( me ) and not caused by the AF.  I think some of those shots are keepers anyway. A shot like this would be almost impossible with my Canon 5D + Carl Zeiss combo. Dragging out the big camera and manually focus. Then a loud CLICK! No way I had got this shot with only the 5D available. Not perfect but street photography is not about technical perfect shots for me.




At street shooting I like to use 1/320or faster  shutter speed to ensure sharp images. I dont mind some noise caused by high ISO.

Shot with Ricoh GR ( Digital V 2013 )

Ricoh GR – ( Digital V 2013 ) Large file -TEST SHOT  – full auto – camera reset and heldheld. Basicly what quality you can expect out of the box . Shot as JPG only.

0041_ISO 3200 Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2013
ISO 3200TEST SHOT – no noise reduction in camera or added in post . Handheld at f4 at night. Was pretty dark in that room, only one small lamp.



The new Ricoh GR is as good as it get for street photography.  Small, light and compact. Fixed 28 mm lens, 4 fps continuous shooting, if you’re looking for a small street photography camera with good image quality and good build quality , there are few better on the market. It’s also completly silent and you can turn of the green ON light on the top of the camera. The menu options are almost a never ending list of options – you can set up this camera any way you want. Or just use it with the default settings, they work pretty great if you are a beginner. The default JPG files are also very good. No need to edit RAW files if it’s used for causual shooting. I use RAW + JPG on the RICOH GR. Usually with my Canon DSLR’s I only shoot RAW.

For ME the Ricoh GR ( 2013 APS-C ) is the perfect street photography tool. Period.

The video quality could have been better.  But it’s good enough, and better than nothing. Here is a short video with actual footage from the new Ricoh GR.  Going to post more videos I have shot with the Ricoh GR soon.  Just have to learn my AVID/Pinnacle video editing software better first. The video quality is MUCH better on my pc than the finished YOUTUBE result here. Also like the 720p 60 FPS option. Makes slow motion possible.


Also got 4th place for Østfold in the National Photowalk ( Akam & Japan Photo ) Picture of my prize shot with my new Ricoh GR

0009_fuji x20-Ulf-Greger-2013
My last shot ever with my Fuji X20. The Fuji X20 was a good camera, sad to let that one go. Cant afford to own two high end street cameras. And I have always felt too much equipment takes away the fun. Better to learn and use the camera you got to the max.

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