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I’m testing a pair of Franco Serblin Accordo speakers now.  Going to write some about them and post more pictures and some youtube video’s. So far I love them. More natural sound than the Sonus faber Cremona M’s. They sound bigger and more relaxed.

Franco Serblin, who died in March 2013, is remembered as the founder of Italy’s Sonus faber.

630-Franco-Serblin-Accordo-Ulf-GregerWhen Franco Serblin withdrew from Sonus faber he started production on two new speaker models, the KTema floorstander and Accordo standmount. The speakers are produced under license by Franco Serblin’s son in law Masssimilano Favella. Accordo means agreement or harmony in Italian.


624-Franco-Serblin-Accordo-Ulf-GregerI was impressed with the Franco Serblin Accordo’s natural and big sound. Punchy midbass response. Coupled with the rest of the speaker’s sonic profile transparent highs and solid upper and midbass response made for a first class listening experience.

When playing  the Radka Toneff og Steve Dobrogosz CD Fairytales Original Master Edition the Accordo shows off what they can do. I have never heard a better speaker when it comes down to sound natural but yet keeping the heart and soul of the music. They does not sound boring, ever.

625-Franco-Serblin-Accordo-Ulf-GregerThey look like a million too. Never seen so well built speakers before. This is first class and nothing less. For the moment I’m using  McIntosh amps,  Marantz DAC, a Denon CD player and MIT6 speaker cables.



Going to post some Youtube videos soon.

Some rare singles I got part 1 :

Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock634-Ulf-Greger

Chuck Berrey – Johnny b good631-Ulf-Greger

AC/DC – Soul Stripper633-Ulf-Greger

Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour

My old and still going strong vintage Klipsch. KG3.



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542-Ulf-GregerKlipsch Heresy III, from Klipsch’s heritage line. Hand made in Hope, Arkansas, USA. The first Heresy was made back in 1957. The Heresy III looks almost the same but is heavely upgraded. They are only built by order and there is 8 weeks delivery time in the US. Love the sound they produce. The heritage series are wonderful sounding loudspeakers.

539-Ulf-Greger-sonus-faber-cremona-auditor-mLoudspeakers from Italy  : Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M

533-Ulf-Greger-espen-lieMy portrait of Espen Lie / Espen Lee – Website

Some vintage stereo shots. Bought me a vintage Lenco B55 turntable. Also got a B@O and Yamaha casette decks. Have opened 5 big boxes of my old records that have not seen light in over 20 years.







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