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Sorry, in Norwegian only -seeking models for fun & free photoshoots in Norway .

Fotograf søker modell i Fredrikstad / Østfold

TFP modell søkes i Østfold / Akershus. Bildene jeg tar på TFP fotograferinger er helt gratis.
Har du ikke erfaring? Spiller ingen rolle. Dette skal bare være gøy. 

Jeg har ett lite fotostudio hjemme og har også mulighet til å ta med noe av lamper & blitzer ut for å ta bilder hvor som helst.

 Veldig fint om du kan ha med deg en person som hjelper til med sminke og hår, om mulig. Erfaring ikke nødvendig. Dette skal bare være artig og gi noen gode bilder for begge parter.

Send en mail til ulfgreger2008@gmail.com så hører du fra meg. Merk mailen TFP og navnet ditt. Søker primært TFP modell i Norge, helst Oslo, Moss, Fredrikstad, Hvaler eller Halden strekningen. Evt Vestfold. Bor selv på Hvaler.


  • *TFP er det samme som Trade For Prints, som er et fenomen innen foto og modellbransjen der fotografer og modeller jobber for hverandre for å få trening, referanser og portfoliobilder eller bilder til instagram, blogger, facebook og andre sosiale medier.


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“Photography can only represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past.” Berenice Abbott
1898 – 1991


April 20, have been testing my Canon 300 L vs a Canon 100-400 L ( version I ) . Maybe I’ll post some test shots, but long story short… the 300 L is the better lens, hands down. To make things more fair I want to buy a TC like a Canon Extender EF 1.4X III. That would make my 300 L about 420mm on my Canon 5D full frame camera. Of course then I wont be able to get f4. Maybe then things will even out. More about this later.

This is my blog, not a portfolio. Just me taking shots everyday and put almost no effort in them. Write about the cameras and lenses I use, and write about pros and cons about my gear.


Also a tought…. what about the wonderful Canon 70-200mm L IS II. And a Canon Extender EF 2X III. That should be like a 400mm f6,3 on full frame ?  Want to try out that combo too. Dont know if the 2x converter will work properly with the 70-200 2.8 L IS II. But well worth a try. It’s the AF that’s worry me.

The Canon 300mm L f2.8 IS version II + the Canon Extender EF 2X III is of course another possibility to get more reach.



Here is pictures of Canon’s Tele Converters, they are mounted between lens and camera body. You gain focal length and loose light, to explain it simple.


April 10, this Sunday was used for a long walk with my Canon 5D. Here is some shots from this day :







April 5, one of my all time favourite pocket cameras is the Canon S95. Not a perfect camera in any way. But it’s very very small, easy to use and has a pretty sharp lens with 28mm to 105mm ( i think ) zoom capability. Also use it some for video. It’s a rough camera you always can trust. Always works and have never had any problems with the S95’s. Like that little camera a lot.736-2016-Ulf-Greger

I have bought a S95 three times. All given away as gifts to family members and friends that wanted to have something better than a mobile phone camera, and learn more. After returning the Fujifilm X70 i have borrowed a S95 again to use as street camera until I buy something better again.

I have to work some with the Canon S95 jpg’s. Poor ISO performance and small sensor makes the jpg’s a little grainy. But for street that does not bother me much. In black and white I think it looks pretty good. I dont use RAW with my pocket cameras. Only my DSLR’s. Another bonus is very small jpg files. Just about 1,5MB each, so a cheap 16GB SD card last forever on that thing.  Edited in PS they are just 160kb each.

Here is a couple of shots done with the Canon S95 last days :



April 3, have returned the Fujifilm X70 and are using my Canon 5D with a 35mm as walkaround camera. Sometimes I have the ‘new’ 300mm L lens with me. Seagulls shot with the 300.
also use my Pentax ME Super, analog film camera with ILFORD Delta 100 black & white film.


April 1, some random pictures.







All pictures is Copyright © Ulf Greger. Feel free to contact me about anything.  email :  ulfgreger2008@gmail.com


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