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“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”
― Henri Cartier-Bresson


Last two months I have not taken many pictures. 2 GB of RAW files and 800MB jpg’s that’s all.Have tested a Canon G1X some – but alway grabbed my Canon 5D with me anyway wherever I go. Have sold my Panasonic GF3, so regarding digital cameras-  the 5D is the only I got left. Again.

Started reading about the new Nikon Coolpix A. That looks almost as a replica of the perfect streetcamera RICOH GR1 and GRD. Sounds perfect. Cant wait to try it out. 28 mm equivalent in 35mm ( FF ) format, f2.8 and small size. Expensive but looks like it’s worth it. Nikon has released sample pictures that looks amazing. That is the camera most likely to replace my sold GF3.

Still want a Leica M9. Used Leica M9 are going cheap as the new M is soon to hit the stores. Many good offers to choose from – but still a very expensive camera for me.

Also still consider a Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar  2/100 ZE for my Canon 5D. That is maybe the lens I want most beside the new Carl Zeiss 55mm f1.4.

Anyway here is some pictures from last months. 90 % are  shot with my Carl Zeiss lenses.

ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0050-photoshopped ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-march-0052-photoshopped
Love the colors, contrast and sharpness of the Distagon 2/35. As you can see from the duck shot above this is not an easy lens to shoot action shots with. A little out of focus. Other shots are sharp like the one with the dog and boy above . Not level and not a good shot in any way – but think it was a keeper anyway. Loved the snapshot of a moment and razor sharp eye on the dog.
ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0048 ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0046

ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0036 ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0039

ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0032 ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0033
ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0019 ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0020
ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0021 ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0025
ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0030 ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0026
ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0027 ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0031

ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0035 ulf-greger-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-2013-february-0042





All pictures is Copyright © Ulf Greger.

Street photography September 2012
“For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.”
Henri Cartier-Bresson
All black and white street photography. Going to add more in this post when i get some time.

Fredrikstad – Norway:

Fredrikstad – Norway

Fredrikstad – Norway

Copenhagen, Denmark:

All pictures is Copyright © Ulf Greger.