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No place is boring, if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film.  ~Robert Adams
November. No snow yet here in Fredrikstad, Norway. This  month I’m using both my Canon 5D / Zeiss 35mm combo and my Ricoh GR ( digital mk V APS-C 2013 ) compact point and shoot . Have now sold my Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art because I always prefered my Zeiss 35mm and never used the Sigma much, dont miss it at all.  My Ricoh GR is even better than I hoped for.  A good camera in every way. Solid and excellent picture quality. Use it a lot.
Also testing some low budget gear like Canon 450D ( Digital Rebel XSi / Kiss X2 Digital ) and Canon 650D ( known as Kiss X6i in Japan and Rebel T4i in USA).  Cheap Canon lenses as 50mm 1.8 and Sigma 70-300 tested with these cheaper Canon bodies.

050_5D-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon--Ulf-Greger-2013  060_5D-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon--Ulf-Greger-2013 063_5D-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon--Ulf-Greger-2013

0060-Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2013 0064-Ricoh-GR-Ulf-Greger-2013


Harley Davidson Sportster 1200


Trying out some low budget gear this moth. Borrowed a Canon 650D + Sigma 70-300 first.

Canon 650D with Sigma 70-300. Exif: f5.6, ISO 2500.  2500/1 sec shutterspeed,  and -1/3 exposure. A tricky handheld @300mm.
Had to get the high shutterspeed to get the boat sharp. f5,6 was fastest apperture possible and ISO 2500 was lowest i got here.

Canon 650D with Sigma 70-300.



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No photographer is as good as the simplest camera.  ~Edward Steichen


Always been a SLR user as main system. Ability to use different high quality lenses and hook up external flashguns / triggers and studio equipment has become my preferred way to work with photography. But for street photography I sometimes want to use a small compact. And always had one in my jacket. Here is my digital compact history.. READ MORE HERE.

All pictures is Copyright © Ulf Greger.

The photograph itself doesn’t interest me.  I want only to capture a minute part of reality.  ~Henri Cartier Bresson

UPDATED : Firmware update both lens and camerabody HOW TO *
UPDATED :  Aftermarket battery **

This little review about my Panasonic Lumix GF3 is starting here. Just installed Lightroom 3.6 that was included in the package. ACR detected the RAW files from the GF3 so things are running smoothly 🙂

Here is the first sample picture.  From RAW and converted to B&W in Lightroom.

I enjoy this camera a lot so far. It’s fast AF and bps, colors, sharpness and Iso 160-800 is great. ISO 1600 i kind of crap and I will only use it if I have to. Like if I see an UFO or something. So far so good. Also put on a Gordy Strap :

Going to write what I think about this camera/lens and post all pictures first month in this post.

Random shots..

Radio controlled helicopter flying.

9000 RPM in a Mazda RX8

Fro Knows. Jared Polin.

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The Ricoh GR Digital

was my favourite camera for three years.

This point and shoot camera was just great in all ways. Now replaced by my Canon S95. Still miss the GRD anyway. It was more fun to shoot with the fixed fast lens.


Exceptional resolution and low distortion
in a single lens unit

Superb image resolution that clearly captures individual hairs. Crisp image quality even in the periphery. These are the proud hallmarks of Ricoh’s highly renowned GR Lens, which is breathing new life into digital photography. As illustrated by the MTF curves below, the GR Lens (F2.4, f=5.9mm, equivalent to 28mm focal length on 35mm film camera) compensates for various aberrations, as well as weaker light in the periphery to deliver high-resolution, high-contrast reproduction over the entire image. This exceptional optical performance is ideal for pan-focus, wide-angle photos and empowers users in all shooting environments by providing sharp images with natural color even when the aperture is fully open. With its standout performance and unique personality, this new GR Lens is worthy of inheriting the GR name.



Awards this camera got :

  • *TIPA 2006 – Best Prestige Camera (Europe)
  • *Camera Grand Prix 2006 – Special Prize (Japan)
  • *iF Product Design Award 2006 (Germany)
  • *Camera of the Year 2005 – Compact Digital Camera 1st Prize
    Nippon Camera Magazine (Dec ’05issue,Japan)
  • *Compact/Consumer Digital Camera of the Year
    Australia Camera Magazine Imaging Awards 2005-06
  • *Best of the Best 2006 Awards
    Smarthouse Magazine (Nov ’05issue,Australia)
  • *What Digital Camera Choice
    What Digitl Camera Magazine (Feb ’06issue,UK)

My first HDR picture with the GR digital.

It was easy to operate with one hand – just power on and shoot away 🙂

Not the best high ISO performer. But with a little help from Photoshop the jpg files are not so bad.


Here is Ricoh’s own sample image from 2006:

My pictures for my ad when decided to sell:


will post more images here soon. Loved this camera and have hundred of pictures taken with it 🙂

This post will be updated under REVIEWS // GEAR pages only from now on.