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“Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.” – Ansel Adams’

Starting a new post, it’s back to basic with simple black and white photography for a while. Going to post portraits, street photos and everyday shots.

Mostly using my everydays cameras : Pentax ME Super with a Pentax 50mm, (scans to digital from film), and my old trusty battle scarred street camera, the Canon 5D with Carl Zeiss 2/35 Distagon ZE T*.

From Asmaløy on Hvaler in August.

Heidi, from a TFP photo shoot in Fredriksatd. Norway.

This was shot on the 13 of July.  There is a good place to swim about 5 minutes walk away from my house.


These six photos above is from Thailand. Storyes to every one of them. Maybe I will share someday. Thailand is the most wonderful country I have visited so far. The thai people are very helpful and kind.



From Fredrikstad.


Julia with my Pentax Su ME  35mm  film camera

Model Sarah, photo from a TFP shoot

My youngest daughter Julia, studying.

Stine and her son

The dog named Scot

Loved the smile on this photo


One of my favourite shots i think from doing many shoots with this model

Very funny and great girls, Juliane & Mina

ilford delta film. Old trucker.




1043s-2016-ulf-greger 1042s-2016-ulf-greger 1031-2016-ulf-greger 1044s-2016-ulf-greger 1045s-2016-ulf-greger


From Gamlebyen Fredrikstad, Norway. Old grainy ISO 800 film. 

Update September 24. From Skjærhalden, Norway.

September 21. Some pictures of Black Betty. A great mixed breed dog with a big heart.

1008bnw-2016-ulf-greger 1009bnw-2016-ulf-greger


All pictures is Copyright © Ulf Greger.  Feel free to contact me about anything. email :

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.

Going to do more street photography again. For that purpose i’m going to buy a used Fuji X100 again ( 35mm fixed prime lens ) or the new Fuji X70 ( 28mm fixed prime lens ).



658-2016--Ulf-GregerThe Norwegian artist Ingar Aasen, alias Art Ranger. Here in his gallery in Fredrikstad, Norway.
660-2016--Ulf-GregerLoved the light, and the lines.






655-2016--Ulf-GregerTesting some new loudspeakers this month too. This time it’s a pair of high-end Tannoy speakers. Maybe the best loudspeaker’s ever made. They are basicly Tannoy Kensington GR’s in a 10 litre smaller cabinet that’s better built than the Kensington’s. Just awesome sound.



For the moment I’m building a true hardcore vintage stereo. A old Lenco turntable, Yamaha cassette player, Sansui amp and going to just listen to LP’s and cassettes on that stereo setup. Just waiting for my ‘new’ Sansui AU D-11 amp thats currently at service. Cant wait to listen to my LP records on that vintage stereo when finished. The loudspeakers are going to be Klipsch Heritages. Heresy or KG3. Maybe a set of old JBL L100’s if I can find a pair on ebay. Already own two pair of the Klipsch’s heritage louspeakers. Music is important to me, listening mostly to old blues, jazz, bluesrock and rock. Some classical music like Bach too.

A CD that I just love, Therion’s Vovin. Here is two track from that CD. The voice of Martina Astner is awesome. When she left the band there was nothing left in my opinion.


More hifi testing shots :







All pictures is Copyright © Ulf Greger. Feel free to contact me about anything. Also seeking TFP model in Østfold, Norway.  email :