Distagon T* 2/35

“Photography can only represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past.”

Starting a new post. Mostly macro photography , landscape photography and portraits from Hvaler in Norway where I live. I live just a three minutes walk from the sea and the nature here is wonderful. Fredrikstad is the nearby city and also a great place to take photos.

I have a small cheap drone. 12mp camera on it I think.  Use it as ofte I can to photograph new angles here where I live. Sometimes the scenery can look amazing from the sky.


From Storesand beach. Hvaler.







From Asmaløy on Hvaler in August.




From my garden




My first attemt on night photography. Halden August 2017


This is the Puttesund Bridge. The bridge to the first of the Hvaler islands. I shot this a moring with fog and a rising sun.


From Torsnes, Fredrikstad.



Viker about 8 o’clock in the morning. August 1 – 2017


This is from Vesterøy on Hvaler. IG profile @henrythehiker and me took a walk. Shot right after sunset.


This was shot 4.30 AM on the 20 of July 2017. Vesterøy, Hvaler.

These two photos of wild flowers was also shot the same morning on the 20 of July 2017 , Vesterøy.


This was shot on the 18 of July 2017 at Vesterøy. Took this to use on my Instagram. Used the Fuji X100F camera and this is the jpg file. Great dynamic range.



From Asmaløy, Hvaler – the island I live on.


From Kirkøy


View over Fredrikstad, shot with a Carl Zeiss lens and set out of focus to get the bokeh of the city lights.



From Vesterøy, Hvaler.





All pictures is Copyright © Ulf Greger.  Feel free to contact me about anything. email :  ulfgreger2008@gmail.com





Fuji-X100-00137-Ulf-GregerLooking at my Flexaret’s viewfinder. Shot with Fuji X100

372-Ulf-Greger-Carl-Zeiss-canon-5D-IIIMy Canon camera & one of my Carl Zeiss lenses. Shot with my Fuji X100 at ISO 1600.

Currently working on a stock photo portfolio. Can’t publish these shots here but are going to post a link when they are finished. First goal is 100 photos in one batch. Hope to get this done by April.

Siw Helene B.

Shoot with Siw Helene B. Photoshopped as she wanted it for a fun look. Shine bright like a diamond 🙂

Siw Helene B.

An old picture I like. One of my daughters, Julia that lives in Spain now and my old dog Paladin that I miss a lot. Got the idea from antother photography website – post one picture you have shot that you think is perfect – for you.

332-Ulf-Greger-Carl-Zeiss-canon-5D-IIIHad a fun photoshoot using Canon 5D and Carl Zeiss 35mm and 100mm’s yesterday. A Norwegian military bandana on the model just for fun. This was shot with two radio trigged flashes. One from behind with orange gel and one in front with no gel.

Here is the model in the military bandana shot’s, Sissel.

All pictures is Copyright © Ulf Greger.