Canon 5D

aprilRicoh-GR-00007-Ulf-GregerRicoh-GR-00008-Ulf-GregerRicoh-GR-00006-Ulf-GregerFrom Fredrikstad ‘gamlebyen’. Old fortress town.  Shot with Ricoh GR.


432-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5DCanon 5D /Zeiss.
438-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5D428-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5DI’m tired of chasing perfect photos. Perfect rule of thirds, perfect light, perfect sharpness and so on.
Often it’s the ones that I have shot with manual focus and breaking the rules of photography that I like most. They have more soul and feelings to them. Much more fun to shoot this way. Canon 5D /Zeiss.

424-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5DNice hair. A lot of work making those dreadlocks. Canon 5D /Zeiss.

421-crew-member-christian-radich-Ulf-Greger-Canon-5DRicoh-GR-00001-cristian-radich-Ulf-GregerRicoh GR. The sail ship Christian Radich.


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